Monday, November 4, 2013

5K run and weight loss

Day 1:

Today is day 1 of my training for a 5K.  I have been walking for 3 weeks now so I decided to try and run.  I have never been able to run even a mile.  I have asthma and have read that this actually can be good for me so here we go.

My total distance was 3/4 of a mile
I walked for about 5 minutes
ran 100 steps
ran 120 steps
ran 120 steps
ran 120 steps
walked home.

My goal is to work this into longer times of running.  I anticipate it being a slow process, but that's ok.  The run is March 16th.  The Shamrock Run here in Portland.

As far as I am concerned it was a success today, I ran much further than I expected to be able to do.

I have also lost about 10 lbs in the last month, I joined Weight Watchers and have been walking, my goal is to lose a total of 80 lbs, but we are going to Hawaii in March as well and I am hoping to be in a size 12 by then.  So here we go.......

Friday, November 9, 2007

30 Day organizing Challenge

Well I decided to join in and try the 30 day challenge, I am so excited to give this a try. I love organizing, but I need the motivation when the project looks so overwhelming. I have a 3 day weekend and I am looking forward to spending some of my time working on this. I love the idea of having boxes to categorize the stuff. That seems to take some of the thought out of it. If I have to decide right now if I have to get rid of it, I probably won't, but if I can put it in a box to look at later then I am more likely to make good decisions. I am impressed with people who have already found that they have homes for some of their stuff, that could take me a while just to be able to part with it. Although my niece loves crafts, so I can probably pass some of it down to her and save her some money.